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Universal Puja Committee, Japan Organized Durga Puja 2007 Videos
Attendants: 600+; Special Cultural Event: Dance by Bharat Natyam and by Small Children
Would you please recommend these videos to your friends? It took two days to complete the videos!
***First time the video may be interrupted; next time it might be smooth.
Some Photos of Durga Puja 2007 at Tokyo
1. Attendants at Durga Puja 2007               2. Sarah Abdullah Reshmi (Click on the links for bigger videos)
3.  Richita Roy (Yuki)                        4. Tanusree Paul
5. Bharat Natyam-1                     6. Bharat Natyam-2
7. Moushumi Biswas                     8. Duet by Prasad Biswas and Neelanjana Neela
***Some videos have been discarded due to high noise and low volume of vocal.
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